"Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their mind, 
cannot change anything."
— George Bernard Shaw

Connect, Collaborate and
Promote Your Business

Assess your business. Connect and collaborate with like-minded business leaders in the members
only portal. Promote your business to a captive audience. Learn or share business knowledge.
Why Join MBN?
Creating Quality Business Relationships
The journey for business leaders and owners can sometimes be a isolating. The need to surround yourself with peers, mentors, like-minded thought leaders and people to support you may be strong. Finding those people to connect at a deeper level and
create long term relationships whilst navigating business and personal lives can be hard.

The MBN has been helping businesses to connect and create these opportunities since 1994. 

Over these years, businesses have evolved and technology has altered the client journey and expectations. But the need to connect with people has remained.

However, after 2020, we are faced with a new normal!

Relationships both internally and externally were tested for most businesses.
Some businesses closed their doors, some thrived, and some remained the same.
This community is for all those businesses. To assist those who may need to rebuild, for those seeking to grow and for those with the ability to share knowledge, networks, experience and support.
Through live and online events, the MBN will continue to create opportunities to connect members. We too have innovated and created a new ways to support businesses via:
  • A member portal to connect businesses and share business resources.
  • ​An assessment tool to enable businesses to get clarity on what needs to be improved.

Assess & Plan Your Business Activities

Work through our assessment that reviews all aspects of your business. With the resulting report you can see your priorities and plan how to direct your resources and energy in the short and long term

Learn and Share Knowledge and Insights

Our member portal is a social learning platform. It has educational business resources to help our members have the tools to better understand how to make a positive difference in their business

Connect and Collaborate

The portal is designed to allow members to connect and collaborate. As a member you will be able add your business info and access the business directory to connect with like-minded members for the purposes of working together.

Implement Change for Success

Each member will have access to all the tools and resources so that they can implement strategically for the recovery or growth of their business whilst networking and supporting other members to achieve their goals.
Business Assessment Tool
How has 2020 affected your business? How was your business going before and what is the outlook for the future?
What are the priority action points that need to be done to safeguard your business future and what actions can be worked on later?

These are the questions that most business leaders seek to answer without the ability to clearly see what additional elements may have been overlooked.
The MBN has partnered with a provider to create a business health assessment and strategic planning tool. The assessment is designed to give your business an overview of everything that it is doing well and not so well. With 3 different assessment tools to select from, they are designed to suit any organisation, in any industry and at any stage of their business cycle. They only differ in the size most suitable to your organisation.

It is important to note that the assessment tool is based on real live workshops but are delivered with ease and guided responses. This is to ensure that they are simple to complete but provide a good assessment for each business that uses them. Upon completion of each assessment, you will be provided with a report which will give guidance on the changes or strategies needed to implement within your business and enable you to create a more encompassing priority action list.
Connect and Collaborate
As a member of MBN, you will get the opportunity to meet other members offline and online at member events. These are designed to create an atmosphere that allows like-minded people to discuss business, create personal relationships and have fun. In response to lockdowns and economic uncertainty, the MBN has sought to create an online platform which will allow members to connect but in a digital space. 

Members will be able to find the details of other members in the directory. They can engage with each other in groups or whilst working through online course material provided in the portal. This allows them to support each other and collaborate for the purpose of helping each other or other members.
Promote Your Business
Members have the ability to provide information about their business in the directory for other members to view. This gives you the opportunity to have members access to your contact information and learn a little about your business. 

Members will also have the ability to share something about their business through the MBN email and social media campaigns. The most significant difference with the portal is for members to share content, whether video, audio, courses both free and paid on our portal. This is to encourage members to create value and trust with each other and showcase their products/services and unique point of difference. So, if you have expertise that you want to share with our members then the portal is your gateway to promoting your business.
Learn and Share Knowledge
Members can share knowledge through their content and learn with other members. The MBN will create groups to allow members to communicate with each other and share knowledge on particular topics to assist them with recovery or growth. 

 The MBN will also have subject matter specialist run workshops for its members. Equally, we invite members to share their knowledge in workshops identified as crucial to business recovery.
Business Recovery
After the economic uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, it is difficult for businesses to build stability. This is where the support of a community will help – a community of businesses who are seeking to rebuild an economy and trust in the future.
To achieve recovery, we need to provide support to every area of a community.

Business is about people, their team, supporters, families and the greater community. To help each business achieve success has a greater impact than can be measured. This is what the MBN is seeking to achieve by supporting its members.

We intend to achieve business recovery and growth through
  • Creating opportunities for networking offline and online
  • Promoting the members in our community
  • ​Sharing resources and news provided by government bodies
  • ​Providing online tools for businesses to assess their activities
  • ​Giving members access to content and expertise provided by subject matter experts and thought leaders
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